Advertising vs Reality – Shrimp Wonton

I had taken a lot of photos which I had wanted to blog about, but never got about doing it. Since I have now started this, the photos come in handy. Although I have now moved to a monkey island in Indonesia, up till 16 Dec 2007, I was still living on the sunny island of Phuket and hence you might be reading quite of bit of Thai related stuff.

I cook and there are many options (cheap as well) to eat out, but sometimes, I am too lazy to do any of that and during times like these, frozen meals come in handy! However, as always, the final product vary a long way from the packaging photo and hence the title of this blog – Advertising vs Reality. Shrimp Wonton Soup is a very commonly available Thai/Chinese dish. I cannot remember actual cost, but the frozen pack probably cost about THB60. At little food stalls, this dish is available for around THB40 only. So why do I still eat/buy these frozen stuff … don’t ask … probably just laziness.  

Advertising on the Packaging

Advertising on the Packaging

The Reality

The Reality

There are more of these comparisons to come; but that’s all for the time being. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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