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15 April 2014

Brownies – definitely an easy to make and crowd pleasing dessert.

Pretty proud of the deco effort. Not too bad especially since all the flags and tags are made by me. The cutting knife was dressed up as well but I forgot to take a photo of it.


I Crave then I Bake

27 May 2008

Had been @#$%-&^% with work and didn’t have time to “play” with this new blooging hobby of mine.

Earlier on, I was attacked by this really BAD craving for sweets. The crappy Mascarpone Carrot Cake from our Hotel’s Pastry Kitchen did not satisfy at all. I want and I need to have a big fat slice of yummilicious cake.

Hence … started the task of baking at 30 minutes to midnight. Never mind the fact that I still have to roll in to work by 8:30 am and it is now pass 2:00 am. Do I give 2 hoots? Absolutely NO!

I love time to me-self … baking, cooking, facebooking, online cosmetic shopping … ah … bliss …

In any case, so much about the I, me and myself. I shall now present to you the … Fuggly but Tasty Matcha Sponge Cake with Azuki Beans that Does not Look too Glamourous:

Matcha Sponge Cake with Azuki Beans

Good night … or rather … good morning 🙂